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  • spring roll pastry
  • spring roll pastry

110 countries 39 Years - ANKO Food Machines Help You Reach Frozen Food Market

70% Cost Reduction: How ANKO Food Machine Can Lead You to Success

What You Need for Awesome Spring Rolls: BM-150 Batter Mixer, 15 Minutes Stirring Time to Make Best Dough

dottedCurrent page: 110 countries 39 Years - ANKO Food Machines Help You Reach Frozen Food Market

110 countries 39 Years - ANKO Doesn't Just Sell Food Machine. They Help You Reach the Food Market

28 September, 2017

ANKO’s client supplies cooked frozen shrimp foods due to the rich seafood resources in Vietnam, and with a bit of creativity, their deep fried shrimp spring roll had become one of the most popular dishes in the country. They contacted ANKO about their expansion. ANKO has sold thousands of food machines to over 110 countries over 39 years, as well as assisting numerous suppliers to achieve their goals, including cost-saving through other means, increase of production capability, food machine design (auto, semi-auto, multi-tasking), food recipe guidance, plant design, etc.

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Every country’s environment is different, including weather, water, electricity, food, ingredients and eating habits; you need an expert to assist you. ANKO’s food machines are renowned for producing dishes from various cuisines, which means one machine can be used for multiple food productions. Their engineers have an average of over 20 years’ of machinery engineering experience, and each engineer is able to design with great flexibility. And this is important when it comes to a food machine’s production and cost-saving design. ANKO’s seasoned food machines, along with international food market experience, can make your food business profitable.

70% Cost Reduction Using ANKO Food Machine - How ANKO Can Lead to Your Most Successful Food Sales

When you consult with ANKO about a food machine, a suitable machine is recommended, ingredients are studied, how you can meet local consumer expectations are analyzed, and the cost is calculated. The client and ANKO communicated a few times. When the food machine price was compared to others, ANKO asked a few questions. How much do a kilogram of spring roll sheets, the electricity and ingredients cost? Later, ANKO did the calculation and promised 70% cost reduction. For example, if a shrimp spring roll costs one dollar originally, it would be 0.3 dollars per sheet if manufactured by a machine). The client was convinced by ANKO’s explicit calculation. 70% cost down is attractive. Later, food tasting was conducted in Taiwan, at ANKO’s newly built 107,000 square foot plant; everyone liked the food, including the client's staff from Vietnam. But how about buying the entire ingredients in Vietnam? Will it alter the flavor of the spring rolls? ANKO agreed to utilize an engineer’s assistant in Vietnam with 100% ingredient consultation. In the end, the client decided to work with ANKO in order to produce delicious spring rolls by purchasing a few food machines, such as BM-150 Batter Mixer, BW-400 Batter Storing, Cooling & Resting Tank, and SRP-Series automatic spring roll sheet production line. Today, the client’s certified food machine is producing 450,000 spring roll sheets per month, it’s easy to clean and reasonable prices have allowed them to stay competitive in the food market.

  • SRPF semi automatic spring roll and samos production line
  • HSM-600 Siomai making machine
SRPF - semi automatic spring roll and samosa production line
SRPF - 45A (Semi automatic spring roll and samosa production line)
Baking Machine 800(L) x 1200(W) x 1900(H)mm
Stuffing Depositor 1200(L) x 700(W) x 1800(H)mm
Conveyor 1300(L) x 600(W) x 1250(H)mm
Conveyor of Cutter 4500(L) x 800(W) x 1100(H)mm
Electricity 37 kw, 220/380/415 V, 50/60 Hz, 3 Phase (Special power can be accommodated)

Why You Should Make Your Own Shrimp Spring Roll Sheet

“There are many reasons that you should make your own spring roll sheets because it is important to control food quality.” said ANKO’s engineer. Because spring roll wrapper is one of the important factors to make good spring rolls, and making sheets on your own not only can lower the cost, the quality is also ensured. Think about when you buy them from other suppliers, how long the wrapper has been sitting in the fridge. If the process has been shortened to save time or the ingredients are modified to reduce costs. Those are the risks you take from buying spring roll pastry elsewhere. Making spring roll sheets using your own food machine allows you to deliver spring rolls that are fresh, flavorful and have better texture.

What You Need for Awesome Spring Rolls: BM-150 Batter Mixer, 15 Minutes Stirring Time to Make Best Dough

ANKO's BM-150 batter mixer

In the frozen food industry, spring roll’s appearance and crispness are the important elements for good sales, thus, a process that includes a functional spring roll sheet making machine is essential. Slow stirring, cooling, and resting batter overnight is a way to have the best result of spring roll sheets.

However, the long process is inefficient. ANKO’s batter mixer, BM-150, is designed to save your time and money. Normally it takes about an hour to complete the blending, and 15 minutes is all it takes with the mixer. The batter is smooth and ready to use in 15 minutes, and if you let it sit over night, you will be getting perfect blended batter with flowing consistency and fantastic smell the next day. The mixer’s blades rotate at moderate speed (0-250RPM), and they carry flour into water in a smooth pattern and creates a perfect mixture, that being said; the batter should not have bubbles, lumps or air.

Dimension 900(L) x 900(W) x 1,850(H)mm
Power 220/380/415V, 50/60Hz, 3 phase, 3KW
Including inverter and batter transmitting pump
Tank volume 150L
Loading volume 100L
Speed 0-250RPM

Batter Storing, Cooling & Resting Tank - BW-400 – The Flour Batter is Kept Fresh at All Times for High Quality Spring Rolls

Low temperature blending plus low temperature batter storage would allow you to make high quality spring roll sheets. Blended batter should be stored in a designed storage barrel to keep it fresh. Let’s say, if you have an industrial automatic spring roll making equipment continuously producing spring rolls, since the property of batter made from wheat flour changes as the kneading process goes along; therefore, temperature consistency is critical to make sure each spring roll tastes the same. Using ANKO’s temperature controlled storage tank to avoid the uncertainty is necessary.

Dimension 1,200(L) x 1,000(W) x 1,900(H)mm
Power 220/380/415V, 50/60Hz, 3 phase, 1.9KW
Including batter pump, cooling system & low speed blender
Tank volume 400L
Loading volume 350L

SRP Series - Automatic Spring Roll and Samosa Pastry Sheet Machine

Rather than spring roll sheets, Bliny, Blintzes, Cheese Samosa, Nalesniki, Samosa, Samosa Pastry, Crape, or Spring Roll Pastry are available using SRP series. After the pastry sheets are cut, they are counted and stacked in piles on a conveyor belt ready for packaging.

ANKO's SRP series - automatic spring roll sheet production line
SRP Series
Dimension 1800(H) x 1200(W) x 5800(D) mm
Electricity 220/380/415 V,50/60 Hz,3 Phase
Spring Roll Pastry Capacity 1200 - 5400 pcs/hr
Samosa Pastry Capacity 3600 - 16200 pcs/hr
Pastry Width 220 - 420 mm
Pastry Thickness 0.4 - 0.8 mm


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