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  • Paratha, Paratha
  • Lacha Paratha, Lacha
  • Paratha, Paratha, Lacha Paratha, Lacha

Paratha Making Machine With Heavy-Duty Durability

30 Years of Paratha Machine Experience

Paratha, Paratha, Lacha Making Machine Designed Exceed Expectations

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Lacha Paratha Making Machine Designed To Winning Eaters' Hearts

DATTA FOOD's high labor cost issue involved in the manufacture of parotta was resolved by ANKO's automatic Paratha Making Machine. In 2007, one of ANKO’s old clients, Sri Lankan-Canadian, came to Taiwan to procure a new machine – namely a Paratha Making Machine, after consulting with a several Paratha Machine manufacturers from U.S., India and Canada without any successes. (A Paratha, is a common layered flat bread of Southern India. This is not to be confused with the North Indian Paratha. Paratha can be also called paratha.)

ANKO is a Taiwan food making machine manufacturing company that has more than 30 years of experience. Because they are specialized in manufacturing ethnic food machines internationally with total solutions, and also because of their know-how in making scallion cake wrapper machines (LP-3000, LAP-2200) DATTA FOOD was encouraged to contact ANKO for its parotta/paratha machine.

LAP-2200 - Lacha Paratha & Green Scallion Pie Production Linedough sheet conveyorcutting the sheetgreen scallion sprinkled on the sheetadd waterforming the pie by hands
  • Paratha, Paratha, Lacha Paratha, Lacha
  • Paratha, Paratha, Lacha Paratha, Lacha
  • Paratha, Paratha, Lacha Paratha, Lacha
Parathas (Paratha) - a main dish in many Indian families

Parathas (Paratha) are a main dish in many Indian families and they can be plain, multilayered or stuffed with mixed ingredients. Comparing to scallion cake wrappers, not only is the dough recipe different, parottas are usually fried first and then beaten slowly and stretched gently by hand in order to create multi-layered parottas, so that they are easy to dip with Indian curry sauce. For an experienced cook to make three-hundred 0.88mm parottas with multiple layers requires about one working hour. Therefore, DATTA FOOD’s need for automatic production using a lacha paratha making machine was clear.

DATTA FOOD's expectation for the parotta-making machine was very high. It needed to have heavy-duty durability, and at the same time the parottas’ texture needed to be similar to that of handmade ones - flaky and multilayered, which increases the difficulty of designing the parotta machine. For achieving DATTA FOOD’s goals, ANKO started the development of parotta making machine. Six month later, ANKO’s team developed a solution to fold multiple layers using a soft belt. After testing, DATTA FOOD was thrilled with the test result, particularly with regards to its improved production capability – 1,400 parottas (125 grams each) per hour. Thanks to DATTA FOOD, their continuous procurement proves ANKO's parotta machine quality. As a result, ANKO's high quality parotta making machine has successfully entered the market in various regions including India, Pakistain and Sri Lanka.

Lacha Paratha Production Line Design

Lacha paratha Production Line Design : press, sheet, stretch, spray, dust, turn over, roll by manual


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