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Dumpling, fry dumpling, samosa, hargao, ravioli food machine HLT series

PLC controlled dumpling processing equipment - 3,000 to 10,000 pieces per hour

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Sanxia, Taiwan -- Besides food machine manufacturing, one of the extraordinary things about ANKO is their seasoned food knowledge. In the past 38 years, the president of ANKO, Robert OuYang, has been relentlessly studying dumplings from all over the world. Ravioli, gujia, pierogi, wonton, you name it! Rober OuYang would talk about the specialty of food, how the filling and wrapping should be done on the processing equipment, and the design of forming molds. It comes from his passion, industriousness, hard work, and 38 years of experience.

HLT-700 first dumpling making machine

It started from ANKO's purchase of dumpling processing equipment 30 years ago. Since then; the development of the machines never stopped. HLT-700 was the 1st dumpling making machine developed to make Chinese dumplings. It was designed to perform the basic filling and forming functions. Later, based on user experiences and requirements, HLT-700XL was advanced with selections of shapes, sizes, forming molds and weights, including, dumpling weights from 2g to 200g, various shapes and ingredients of dumplings, and color choices of pastry sheets using natural food. Dumpling, fry dumpling, samosa, hargao, ravioli are applicable with various molds.

HLT-700 Dumpling Making Machine
HLT-700 Dumpling Making Machine
  • Pasta
  • Pasta
  • pasta
  • Pasta ravioli
Various kinds of pasta HLT-700 and HLT-700XL can make

Years ago, when a Japanese company was dominating the food processing equipment market, ANKO attracted customers with a holistic food machine design for their frozen food supply. In terms of meeting CE criteria, lowering labor and production costs, designing space-saving production lines and providing quick after-service and troubleshooting, ANKO started with honesty and ended with precisely built machinery.

The aim was to lower food machine costs and increase production capacity. To increase product diversity, along with correlated dumpling products, HLT-700XL also made baozi and calzone, which required fermentation process. Food machines with the capability for making both fermented and non-fermented food were designed, which have made them unique. Furthermore, deep fried dumplings and samosa also empowered the capacity of HLT-700XL.

HLT-700XL Dumpling Making Machine
HLT-700XL Dumpling Making Machine
Specifications of HLT-700XL dumpling making machine
  • Size: (L)1150 * (W)570 * (H)1700mm
  • Electricity: 220/380/415V, 50/60Hz, Single/3Phase, 4.0kw
  • Stuffing Hopper Capacity: 35L
  • Weight of Product: 2~200g
  • Net Weight: 450kgs
Products Capacity (pcs/hr) Products Capacity (pcs/hr)
Dumpling 3,000~30,000 Pot sticker 7,000~8,400
Noodle 420 kg/hr Egg rolls/ Apple pies 3,500~6,000
Samosa 7,000-12,000 Raviolis 9,000~16,000
Crystal Dumpling 10,500 Curry Puff/ Empanadas 6,300

ANKO's dumpling food making machine sold worldwide

    Today, thousands of HLT-700XL have been sold to over 110 countries, making 3,000 to 10,000 pieces of dumplings per hour made with PLC control system.

In San Francisco, seventy of ANKO's dumpling processing lines are operating nonstop to supply every COSTCO store in the U.S. In France, a food vendor who owns several food stands uses ANKO's food machine to sell deep fried dumpling. In Malaysia, a dim sum frozen food manufacturer contacted ANKO for shrimp dumplings, buns and siomai due to their increased business. And the continuous orders prove ANKO’s good quality of food equipment.

  • fried dumpling
  • hargao, shrimp dumpling, dim sum
  • dumplings
  • samosa
  • ravioli
  • ravioli
  • ravioli
The pastry sheets can be used for various kinds of food

Long lasting food machine from ANKO

Even now, there are still clients bring back food machines they bought 20 years ago for maintenances. When asked how ANKO be profitable - "Well, we can only hope that our clients use our machine to provide quality food, and allow them to expand their business, which means more orders for us," said a sales engineer from ANKO.


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