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30 Years Turn-Key Project Design

Food Making Machine - Integration & Customization Design

Filling and Forming Machine, Encrusting Machine, Packaged Frozen Food Machine, Food Making Machine

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ANKO - Frozen Food Processing Equipment Integration & Customization

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ANKO began by selling frozen food processing equipment to HPW Group., Uni-President Enterprise Corp., Taisun Enterprise Company Ltd., I-Mei Foods Co., Ltd, which are the leading frozen food manufacturers in Taiwan. After 30 years of experience, ANKO owns 70% of the frozen food processing equipment market in Taiwan and has also sold them to more than 106 countries. Equipment flexibility and adaptability is critical for tackling new and expanding applications in a cost-effective manner. With ANKO's frozen food processing equipment design, every little factor is considered consist of raw material section, production section, seasoning section, packing section and optional equipment selection.

With filling and forming machine for frozen food customization, you can just simply change the mold to manufacturer foods with several of shapes and also create different textures of wrappers from dough. Filling and forming machine is great for making pastas, pies, curry puffs, egg rolls, ravioli and samosas, etc. Encrusting machine's dough transmitting system is especially designed for making bi-color foods to cutting labor costs. Its separated motor and inverter control system is suitable for food that requires stuffing and encrusting such as kubbas, arancinis, moon cakes, cookies, buns and meat pies, etc. Packaging machine is designed to pack finished food after freezing, and every packaged frozen food is ensured to meet food standards without contaminations.


ANKO's frozen food processing equipment experience has become their beneficial service; their food innovation has brought business opportunities to their clients and that's something you can't get from an ordinary machine supplier. Any food you would like to make, you name it! ANKO's large database contains every recipe from all over the world. When you walk in to procure frozen food processing equipment, you get a precisely designed machine, and the food tastes authentic. At ANKO, frozen food processing equipment is customized in order to produce food that meets the client's requirements, including food taste, wrapper thickness, food size and shape, stuffing ingredients, production capability, certification, plant size, etc. ANKO's frozen food processing equipment has been exported to different countries with management software for accurate processing and quick changeovers; modular designs that smooth line modifications; and quick-connect hardware to minimize tools and speed maintenance and production changeovers. The frozen food processing equipment is capable of making 10,000(16g) / 30,000(2g) dumplings per hour.

Frozen Food Packaging Turn-Key Project Design

ANKO provides their customers with frozen food packaging turn-key project designs. Based on ANKO's 30 years of experience, every frozen food packaging turn-key project is customized to meet owner's requirements. With the assessments on plant size, production capacity and food manufacturing procedure, the food manufacturer will receive a productive and money-saving proposal. In the future, if they need to increase frozen food processing equipment's production capability, engineers will adjust the machine depending on its design or recommend suitable substitutes. For food recipes, ANKO's international experience has allowed them to respond fast to food manufacturers' requirements and provide recipes even for ethnic or international foods. When designing a forzen food packaging turn-key project, electrical voltage is customized for the region, and the range is from 100 to 440 volts. ANKO provides frozen food processing equipment with excellent motors and electronic accessories, which are made in Japan and Germany (FUJI, MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC, and Siemens). Every year, ANKO's annual supplier evaluation system effectively assesses every supplier's product quality and service to ensure their supply chain is solid. ANKO is not only a frozen food processing equipment provider but also a turn-key project design integrator with total solution.

plant layout
Plant Layout
  • dumpling
  • pasta ravioli
  • pasta ravioli
Dumplings, Gyoza, Ravioli

Dumplings: there are diverse names for the different kinds of dumplings around the world. In Japan, they're called gyoza; in Korea, they're referred to as mandu; in India, they are called Gujia; in Spain, they're known as empanada; in Italy, they're called ravioli; in Russia, they're called pelmini; in Poland, they're called pierogi and in Uzbekistan, they are referred to as manti. ANKO's food filling machine has been exported to different countries with dynamic mould designs, and the machine is capaple of making 10,000 (16g) and 30,000 (2g) dumplings per hour. Other than dumplings, popular Chinese food also includes spring rolls, siomais, dumplings, buns, stuffed parathas, steamed buns, etc.

ANKO is a food innovator who provides their frozen food processing equipment to buyers with updated recipe-selection from time to time based on their international food experience. Currently ANKO is working on providing educational food which is made of organic ingredients in several shapes. They are shapes of animals such as fish, turtles, rabbits or English letters with different colors that are made of carrots, spinach, pumpkins and cuttlefish, etc. ANKO believes people nowadays are pursuing more healthy and convenient food; ANKO's supply of food ideas provides their clients with various options to make their business become more successful.

If your frozen food processing equipment requires certifications, ANKO is capable of making CE certified machines to meet Europe's high standards of machine safety, or JIS approved machines for ensuring the food quality.

The mass consumption of agricultural produce for use in biofuels has resulted in unbalanced. ANKO's food processing machine provides a solution for the future. Robert Ou-young from ANKO FOOD MACHINE CO., Ltd., one of the most successful Taiwan food processing equipment suppliers, claimed.

Value-Added After Service for ANKO Food Making Machine

Even after ANKO stops selling a certain model of frozen food processing equipment, it is ensured that machine parts will be available for the next 10 years. In addition, ANKO's offices are located everywhere in the world, which allows their clients to reach them in a short time.

International Food Making Machine Experience From 106 Countries

ANKO's clients are from everywhere in the world; they have sold frozen food processing equipment more than 106 countries.

  • Canada: Datta Food Manufactory Inc.
  • U.S.: COSCO Group, Valley Fine Foods Company, Inc.
  • Hong Kong: Hong Kong Maxim's Group
  • Taiwan: HPW Group., Uni-President Enterprise Corp., Taisun Enterprise Company Ltd., I-Mei Foods Co., Ltd, Chen Hsiang Food Industrial Corporation
  • Philippines: JOLLIBEE FOODS CORPORATION, Masterrific Foods


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