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Automatic Egg Roll Machine

ANKO Excels in Winning Food Making Machine (ER-24)

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Automatic Egg Roll Machine (ER-24)

Food Machine - Automatic Egg Roll Machine
Brand NameANKO
Model NumberER-24

Put the dough belt in the pressing machine, and the filling in the stuffing hopper, through the procedure of wrapper pressing→wrapper cutting→ filling→ folding and rolling, it can produce egg roll fully automatic After frying, the egg roll texture is crispy and does not carry much oil.

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  • Suitable for different fillings.

According to customers’ requirement, this machine can attach the different optional filling device to produce different kinds of egg rolls.

  • Unique imitation of manual wrapping process gives fulfilled firm body to every egg roll.
  • Advanced design, sanitary and safe device
  • The machine is easy to assemble, clean and maintain.
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy to operate
  • Uniform products and High Capacity.
  • Straight production line takes less space for your best space arrangement.

Food Production

ANKO Food Machine for Egg Roll
Egg Roll
ANKO Food Machine for Egg Roll
Egg Roll
ANKO Food Machine for Egg Roll
Egg Roll


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