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  • siomai, dim sum, shumai
  • siomai, dim sum, shumai
  • siomai, dim sum, shumai

ANKO siomai processing equipment, as good as handmade

Siomai production equipment - 6,000 siomai every hour

Master Shumai, SINGLY I.D. FOOD, ABC Pastry – ANKO Food Machine client

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ANKO siomai processing equipment, as good as handmade

Dim Sum, shumai, siomai
Siomai (Shumai)

Sanxia, Taiwan -- To have your siomai made with consistent weight, beautiful shape, with the filling kneaded densely into thin pastry sheet; operation is quiet, and cleaning is easy, HSM-600, a siomai processing equipment from ANKO, would be the right choice for you.

In the old days, pastry sheets were made with oil, eggs, and water, and continuous beating of the pastry sheet with a bamboo stick was required in order to get rid of air. In order to meet the same result as handmade siomai, there are a few issues that need to be solved, including required multiple dough pressing, oily pastry that could cause imperfect wrapping, ripped pastry sheet because of oil in the dough, etc. To solve these problems, ANKO adjusts the ingredients of the dough, which allows less pressing movements, and the pastry sheet still has good texture. Another solution is to have the pastry sheet ready and directly deliver the sheet on the conveyor for filling and wrapping process. In that case, dough hopper would be replaced with a pastry sheet rack. ANKO again shows engineering team's great flexibility in terms of food machine design or ingredient modification in order to make tasty food.

HSM-600 siomai food machine

CE certified, patented, ANKO's siomai processing equipment makes 6,000 siomais every hour with the thickness between 0.4-0.5mm. All filling types of food are applicable, such as beef, pork, shrimp and fish paste (surimi) siomai, steamed or deep fried. Each siomai's weight ranges from 14-25g, the width of siomai between 25-35mm, and height between 25-30mm.

HSM-600 siomai food machine
Rita 請補文字說明
HSM-600 siomai food machine
HSM-600 Siomai Food Machine
    Specification of HSM-600 Siomai Food Machine
  • Size: (H)2000mm * (W)1100mm * (L)1450mm
  • Electricity: 200/380/415V, 50/60Hz, 3Phase, 3.25Kw
  • Net Weight: 700kgs
  • Production Line: Double line
  • Weight of Product: 14~25g
  • Width of Wrapper: 60~70mm (unadjusrable)
  • Thickness of Wrapper: 0.4~0.5mm
  • Capacity: 5,000~6,000 pcs/hr (The capacity is different depending on ingredient)
    Advanced design and sanitation
  • The machine is easy to assemble, clean and maintrain.
  • All the parts contact with food are made of food standard stainless steel and plastic.
  • Sanitary and easy to operate.
    Uniform products and big capacity
  • Thickness of wrapper and weight of stuffing are adjustable.

ANKO's food machine brings food trends

Today, people who live in big cities, including New York, London, and Sydney, are changing their food selections. They choose to eat healthy, less greasy and smaller amounts to reflect their lifestyle. It is a cosmopolitan trend. The notion is proven by ANKO's food machine business, which is sold to 110 countries.

ANKO's food machines, although simple but incredibly reliable, thus, ANKO's food machines are purchased by different types of businesspeople, including a Thailand's largest agriculture-based conglomerate with hundreds of subsidiaries - The Charoen Pokphand Group, SINGLY I.D. FOOD from France, and ABC Pastry from Australia. And a recent fully-attended seminar in the Middle East has established ANKO's worldwide business ambition.


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