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  • fried rice machine, automatic fried rice machine, ready meal
  • fried rice, automatic fried rice machine, ready meal
  • fried rice, automatic fried rice machine, ready meal
  • fried rice, automatic fried rice machine, ready meal

Automatic Fried Rice Machine

Fried Rice Ready Meal Packed Using ANKO Fried Rice Machine

Chinese Fried Rice Machine, Indonesian Fried Rice Machine, Thai Fried Rice Machine

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Support of Massive Fried Rice Market – ANKO Automatic Fried Rice Machine

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PADIFOOD is one of the biggest ready meal suppliers in the Netherlands, and their accomplishment is due to ANKO, a Taiwanese fried rice machine manufacturer who's been supplying automatic fried rice machines for years.

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Fried Rice Ready Meal Packed Using ANKO Fried Rice Machine

The fried rice machine is a food machine designed for making stir-fried dishes, including fried rice (Chinese fried rice, Indonesian fried rice, Thai fried rice), fried noodles, fried pork and fried chicken. When making frying dishes without a fried rice machine, the quality is unstable and the production capability is unpredictable. To solve these problems, finding a suitable fried rice machine is essential.

PADIFOOD was originally a Chinese-Indonesian restaurant, and years later they have transformed themselves and become a main ready meal supplier in Netherlands. However, the owner of PADIFOOD encountered production and quality issues with their fried rice ready meal and finding a fried rice machine became important.

In 1988, PADIFOOD'’s owner visited a food machine exhibition in Germany hoping to find solutions for his stir fry ready meal's production and fried rice machine quality solutions. When ANKO's engineer walked into the factory, he could see 6-7 chefs working hard stirring the fried rice in large pots. When the fried rice ready meal was done, the quality varied even with the most of experienced chef. After evaluating PADIFOOD's situation, ANKO designed an automatic fried rice machine for PADIFOOD and, the output of the fried rice machine was more than satisfactory. ANKO's fried rice machine not only stabilized the quality of fried rice, it increased the production capability and also allowed PADIFOOD to develop different flavors of fried rice and eventually expand their market. Now you can buy PADIFOOD's fried rice ready meal everywhere in the Netherlands; they are selling their fried rice ready meal to chain super markets, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and other big companies and using 50 purchased automatic fried rice machines from ANKO.

ANKO's automatic fried rice is designed to meet your production goals and at the same time to ensure the quality of each packed ready meal.

Multiple Function Automatic Fried Rice Machine

Multiple Function Automatic Fried Rice Machine SF-60 foods made by Anko's Multiple Function Automatic Fried Rice Machine SF-60
Fried Rice Machine Specification
  SF-60 SF-2 SF-120
Height 1820mm 1300mm 1820mm
Width 1880mm 620mm 1880mm
Length 2060mm 510mm 2060mm
Electricity 220/380/415V,
Gas consumption : Full flame on 94 nozzles
max is 8.3M/h ;
Min is 2.5M3/h;
Capacity 60L 2L 120L
Net Weight 422kgs 90 kgs 850kgs
Fried Rice Machine Multiple Usage

For frying, seasoning, mixing or baking rice, noodle, vermicelli, vegetable, sesame, peanut, meat, diced and shredded meat, coffee, sugar coatings, candy, biscuit, pistachio, herbs, etc.

    Fried Rice Machine Feature
  • Electronic control, stepless speed adjustment, rotates both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions.
  • Temperature is adjustable.
  • Special internal capstan barrel, food like noodle or spaghetti will not be broken.
  • The external casing is made of special grade of heat isolator which could keep hat inside to save 33% of gas.
  • Made of stainless steel, good looking and durable.
  • Easy loading and discharging. With time set, easy to operate.

Siomai Making Machine And Delico™ in Holland

Delico food products

In wholesale stores, Indonesian shops and Chinese supermarkets, you can find Delico™ Dim Sum ready meals in all Western European countries, and their ready meals, including siomai, wan tan, dumpling, dim sum mix, kai pau, shui kouw, etc. How can those frozen ready meals taste the same as the ones you get in the restaurant? ANKO's siomai making machine is the answer; since Delico™ imported siomai making machine (HSM-600) from Taiwan, Delico™ ready meal business has been elevated due to the siomai making machine's high production capability and the quality of the food.


Years ago, Mr. Yang planned to introduce Chinese cuisine into Holland. By importing siomai making machine from ANKO and using marketing strategy to run the traditional food business, Mr. Yang has successfully brought Dim Sum ready meals to every corner in Holland.

Chinese food isn't just deep fried or only available in China town anymore. It is everywhere and tastes just like the food you buy at the restaurant. Currently, Mr. Yang owns the biggest Asian cuisine ready meal company in Holland, and ANKO's siomai making machine, HSM-600, used for making dim sum ready meals like siomai and dumpling, have performed so well that Mr. Yang is also expanding his ready meal market in different countries. ANKO's siomai making machine has been sold to more than 106 countries and we believe Asian food is expected to be as popular as any other foreign food in the world.


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