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  • pastry sheet, spring roll sheet, pastry dough
  • pastry sheet, spring roll sheet, pastry dough
  • pastry sheet, spring roll sheet, pastry dough

Pastry Sheet Processing Equipment - 5400 Pieces, 0.35mm - 0.4mm, Per Hour

Batter Mixing Machine – 10 Minutes Processing Time

Pastry Sheet Food Machine – U.S. Made Conveyor Belt

dottedCurrent page: Pastry sheet processing equipment - 5400 pieces, 0.35mm - 0.4mm, per hour

ANKO food machine prevails over handmade pastry sheet

  • Batter Mixer BM-150
    Batter mixer
  • Batter Storing Coolinng & Resting Tank BW-400
    Batter storing cooling & resting tank
  • Multipurpose Filling & Forming Machine HLT-700
    Multipurpose filling & forming machine

Sanxia, Taiwan -- ANKO FOOD MACHINE CO., LTD. (ANKO)'s engineering team succeeds in achieving goals to design a pastry sheet and crepe food machine that allows production of pastry sheet-related foods, such as samosa, blini, egg roll and spring roll with maximum 5400 pieces, 0.35mm - 0.4mm, per hour.

Combine other food processing equipment, including mixer (BM-150), batter storing cooling compressor (BW-400), and a completed production line is ready. Plus, frying and packaging machines can be purchased if needed.

Remarkably baked and high quality production of pastry sheets thus resulted in great recognition and sold thousands worldwide in 110 countries, including to Global Gourmet Pvt. Ltd., an Indian food manufacturer with increasing orders. They decided not to import pastry sheet, from Malaysia, and instead started by buying one pastry making machine. And now they already have five food processing lines with single and double baking barrels constantly making authentic Indian cuisine for day-to-day demands.

pastry sheet-related foods
Pastry sheet-related foods

Pastry sheet baking barrel, 48 - heating plate to bake perfect

inside the baking barrel
Special designed heating system

ANKO's pastry sheet making equipment is designed using electricity heating system, rather than gas heating system. The outcome of wrapping will depend on the firmness of the sheet. The hardness of pastry sheets baked between 1 to 3 degrees can make the wrapping process turn out quite differently. Too hard, pastry sheet shifts on the conveyor belt due to the momentum; too soft, it slides away. Therefore, baking temperature has to be accurate. ANKO's electricity heating system is designed to travel nine meters per minute and constantly monitored by temperature controller automatically to maintain temp in ideal range. For that reason, each pastry sheet is baked evenly.

There are 20, 45 and 90 SRP series pastry sheet making machines are categorized based on capacity – single and double barrel.

baking barrel
ANKO's electricity heating system is designed to travel nine meters per minute and reaches a sensor every 20 seconds

Batter mixing food machine – empowered shear force with time efficiency

  • Batter Mixer
    Batter mixer
  • Batter storing cooling and resting tank
    Batter storing cooling and resting tank

Before baking, there are a few food machines that are involved in the process; batter mixing machine, cooling compressor and food depositor machine. ANKO's newly designed batter mixing equipment is designed with high shear, high energy, and is extremely efficient, which has shortened the processing time from 40 to 10 minutes. It reduces the cooling period for great mixing performance.

The batter storing and cooling and resting tank, BW-400, is equipped with a cooling compressor to lower the risk of contamination. It also allows you to continue mixing to enhance the quality of batter.

Pastry sheet food machine – U.S. made conveyor belt

ANKO uses U.S. JBT Corporation's conveyor belt to enhance the quality of delivery. Conveyor cooling belt's length varies depending on the following steps - wrapping or stacking. If you are making pastry, stacking is necessary, if food depositing, wrapping occurs. That said, if you wish to make spring rolls, samosa, blini or egg rolls, extra equipment is needed.

conveyor belt
Conveyor belt

ANKO custom made wrapping and forming machine

In the U.S., Europe and Asia, food depositing and forming is done varyingly. In the U.S., cup shaped carrier would include mold making, which is costly; in Europe, conveyor belt along with air blow to flip pastry sheet, suitable for heavier food and thick pastry sheet, is used. But these are not favored in Asia. ANKO's 38 years of outstanding wrapping and forming technology has turned frozen food into daily comfort food.

ANKO – food machine manufacturer for 38 years

With all the selections of food machines, how do you find one that can capture consumers' hearts and also make it a profitable business in the fast-growing food industry? What matters in food processing equipment is technology. After three generations of modifications, ANKO's food machine solutions are innovative, and they are looking forward to designing better food machines to generate better food in the lucrative food industry. ANKO, a comprehensive food machine manufacturer from Taiwan with collected technology based on 38 years of experience.

Automatic spring roll and samosa pastry sheet machine - SRP series
automatic spring roll and samosa pastry sheet machine SRP series
automatic spring roll and samosa pastry sheet machine SRP series
Pastry sheet production


Spraying and baking

Spraying & baking



Cutting, counting & Stacking

Cutting, counting & Stacking

SRP Series SRP-20A SRP-45A
Unique and Reliable Design
  1. Put the well-mixed batter into hopper. The machine will make pastry, cut, count & stack pastry sheets automatically.
  2. Micro-computer temperature controler to make the temperature error at ±1°C.
  3. The baking drum is covered by a safty guard to keep from injured by the heat of drum.
Dimension (mm) 3500 (L) * 930 (W) * 1570(H) 5800 (L) * 1200(W) * 1800(H)
Power 19Kw 35Kw
Pastry Thickness 0.4~0.8mm
Pastry Maximum Width 220mm (special size)
Production Capacity (Pastry Sheets Per Hour)
Spring Roll 900~1200 2400~2700
Samosa 2700~3600 7200~8100


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