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French Restaurant Uses ANKO Maamoul Machine And Kubba Machine To Serve The Best

Noura is a 30 year-old restaurant serving Lebanese cuisine at various locations in France. Mamoul (maamoul) and kubba are the best selling pastries at the restaurant, and to keep up with demand, Noura contacted ANKO, a Taiwanese food processing equipment supplier, for machinery feedback.

ANKO didn't know about mammoul in the beginning, but after studying how it is made and the ingredients in it, they've become an expert. Maamoul is a dessert that can be eaten after a meal or with tea as a snack. Its shape is similar to a Chinese food named moon cake, and its fillings include dates, pistachios, ground meat or walnuts. Because of the similarity between maamoul and moon cakes, ANKO suggested AL-240 ST-801 SD-97W to Noura and it was totally suitable for making mammouls.

ANKO was also very interested in developing a kubba machine because they had never developed one before. Hence, while manufacturing mammoul machine, ANKO was also developing a kubba machine. Oval shaped kubba is a layer of wheat crump filled with stir-fry ground meat and Middle Eastern spices. When designing kubba machine, ANKO confronted a few obstacles. The oval shape mold design was hard to develop; because of the religion, ground pork was replaced with mutton. In 2003, ANKO submitted a kubba machine test report to demonstrate their high quality. NOURA purchased a kubba machine after seeing the test results. In France, labor cost is very expensive, so when there’s kubba machine to lower the cost, it is great news. Currently Noura has eight restaurants in France with ANKO’s food processing equipment running to ensure the food quality and production effectiveness.

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SD-97W Feature

  • maamoul, mamoul
  • kubba
  • fruit bar, date bars
  • cookies, srtiped cookies, filled cookies
  • coxinha
  • 5 programmable memories
  • Synchr onize function
  • Steps start function
  • Dough and filling increase simultaneously
  • Conveyor speed cont rol with timer function
  • Resetable counter display
  • Angle adjustable control box
  • Timer control on forming system
  • Digital programmable control panel
  • Filling can be bean paste, peanut powder, minced meat, sesame paste, whhole piece peanut, macadamia, pistachio, nut, bird egg or small fruits/berry.

SD-97W Specification

Length 960 mm
Width 750 mm
Height 1780 mm
Electricity 200 V, 50/60 Hz, Single Phase, 1.06 kw


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