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  • steamed bun, dim sum, bao-zi, dumplings
  • steamed bun, dim sum, bao-zi, dumplings
  • steamed bun, dim sum, bao-zi, Xiao long bao, dumplings

ANKO food machine in food industry in Australia

Great forming and wrapping technology for your food machine

Australian's only choice – ANKO food machine

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ANKO Food Machine in food industry in Australia

Sanxia, Taiwan -- Over the decades since immigration movement began, growing Asian communities have enabled ANKO to introduce their food machines throughout the world in order to support the growing numbers of consumers. Now, Asian cuisine is not just purchased by Asians, it is a trend and a common food selection. You can easily find frozen foods such as steamed buns, siomai, dumplings, Chinese hamburgers, fried rice, spring rolls and dim sum at any supermarket. Furthermore, they can be accessed at a food court in the mall. For years, ANKO’s food machines have provided immigrants with the chance to pursue better lives in Australia, which is why they left their country in the first place.

ANKO Food Machine for Sydney Best Dim Sim and Sun Circle Food Manufacturer in Australia

With an estimated population of over 24 million and 2.4 million people with Asian roots, the Asian food market and industry in Australia is big. Sydney Best Dim Sim and Sun Circle both started with one food machine and slowly expanded into food processing plants.

  • dim sum
  • steamed buns, dim sum
  • egg custard bun, manju
  • dumplings, fried dumpling, dim sum
ANKO's food machine is internationally recognized.

Sydney Best Dim Sim sells a full range of authentic traditional Cantonese style dim sum, hot and frozen, which can be accessed at restaurants located in Cabramatta, Eastwood, Campsie, and in Chinatowns throughout Australia. Backed by a certified central kitchen which is in excesses of 500m2 and ANKO's food processing equipment, Sydney Best Dim Sim provides great food with consistent quality.

In 2012, in addition to its shrimp dumpling processing equipment, which has 4,000 per hour production capability and changeable mold selection, siomai processing equipment (5,000/hour) was ordered for the 1st time. The next year, a food machine with higher production capacity was requested. In 2015, newly designed big size B.B.Q bun and egg custard bun processing equipment (SD-97L) was introduced. Sydney Best Dim Sim's food business is now highly profitable. Whether it's providing food machine issue resolution, communicating with customers, or overall customer satisfaction, ANKO's competent after sales service well recognized. Currently, there are dumpling making machines (HLT-700XL), siomai making machines (HSM-600J), automatic encrusting and forming machines (SD-97L) at the Sydney Best Dim Sim food processing plant.

Automatic encrusting and forming machine SD-97L
Automatic encrusting and forming machine SD-97L for B.B.Q bun and egg custard bun
Siomai making machine HSM-600J
working prodess of HSM-600J Siomia making machine
Siomai making machine HSM-600J

ANKO's Food Machine for Sun Circle Food in Australia

  • gyoza
  • wonton
  • wonton
  • pastry sheet, pasta dough sheet
ANKO's siomai processing machine allows you to make all types of siomai.

Sun Circle Food's logo can be found everywhere at the supermarket in Australia. For the last 13 years, Sun Circle Food has purchased food processing lines from ANKO for making Chinese and Japanese dumplings, pork steamed juicy buns, siomai and wontons.

As soon as you walk into Sun Circle's food processing plant, you can see many automatic food making lines operating non-stop making dumplings, gyoza, siomai, etc. Food machines such as dumpling processing equipment (HLT-700 and HLT-700XL), siomai processing equipment (HSM-600), automatic double-line wonton machine (HWT-400), gyoza making machine (AFD-888), automatic dough sheet making machines (ABS-220) are being used to fill each client's stomach.


Sun Circle Food's plant is HACCP certified, an industrial heavy duty freezer is equipped, and seven food processing lines are constantly operating to meet the market demands. ANKO has been working in close collaboration with Sun Circle Food to explore the food market in Australia, and now they are again ready for the next goals - Russia and China.

Automatic double-line wonton machine HWT-400 Automatic dough sheet making machine ABS-220
Automatic double-line wonton machine HWT-400, and automatic dough sheet making machine ABS-220

gyoza making machine AFD-888
Gyoza making machine AFD-888 working process
Gyoza making machine AFD-888
    Features of AFD-888 gyoza making machine
  • Dough is sheeted through continuous pressing rollers. After boiling, the dumpling wrapper is tasty lilke handmade.
  • With automatic dough wrapper residue recycle device.
  • Filling is kept in good texture.
  • A special piston filling device keeps all the ingredient in good condition and taste.
  • High capacity and various handmade-like patterns for choice.
Dimension (L)2000mm * (W)2450mm * (H)250mm
Electricity 220/380V, 50/60hz, 3phase, 3.5kw, Air supply
Capacity of hopper 46L
width of Sheet Roller 230mm
Weight of Product 18~20g, 24~26g, 28~30g (*Custom made is available)
Machine weight 1,400kgs

About ANKO's Food Machine - your life long business partner

HLT-700XL parts
ANKO develops changeable molds to increase performances. 

HLT-700 was the 1st dumpling making machine developed to make Chinese dumplings. By using the forming and wrapping technology, ANKO also developed a changeable mold to enable its multiple performances. The machine makes 3,000 to 10,000 pieces of dumplings per hour. Along with dumpling processing equipment, a siomai making machine (HSM-600) is one of the best-sold food machines. The pastry sheet's thickness is designed to achieve perfect wrapping processing. The siomai making machine produces 6,000 siomais every hour.

ANKO's food machines are customized to meet various purposes; providing longer dough rest time, increasing substantial production capability, cooking temperature control, designing specific wrapping method and mold design, particular pastry sheet thickness, conveyor belt with cooling system, single or double pastry sheet baking barrel, recipe adjustment, food processing equipment arrangement for processing plant, food machine troubleshooting, 24 hour after service and more. ANKO's comprehensive food machine service is the reason why they are capable of selling to over 108 countries.

Middle Eastern and Indian Food Machine from ANKO

  • chapatti
  • ravioli
  • kubba, Kibbeh
  • chapatti, pastry, lacha paratha, roti prata
  • samosa
Middle Eastern and Indian food made by ANKO's food machines.

Australia's food industry has a great potential thanks to immigrants from all over the world. Thus, Middle Eastern and Indian food have been targeted in the food industry as well. Ranging from Middle Eastern cuisine such as sababa (HLT-660B), kubba (SD-97L), mammoul (AL-240) to Indian cuisine including chapatti (APB), Lacha Paratha (LAP-2200) and samosa (DS650) (PMM500) food processing lines, ANKO's food machine technology is always one step ahead.

Semi Automatic Puff Pastry Making Machine PMM-500
PMM-500 - semi automatic puff pastry making machine

Dough Sheeter DS-650
DS-650 dough sheeter
Work flow of dough sheeter DS-650

dough kneading

 flattened dough 

flattening the dough to thinner sheet 

adding butter in the dough pastry

dough flattening with butter in it

flattened dough

flattening the dough to the desired thickness

roll up the pastry sheet

multipurpose filling and forming machine HLT-660B automatic aligning machine AL-240
Multipurpose filling and forming machine HLT-660B, and automatic aligning machine AL-240


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