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Automatic Double-Line Won Ton Machine

ANKO Excels in Winning Food Making Machine (HWT-400)

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Automatic Double Line and Triple Line Wonton Machine

Automatic Double-Line Won Ton Machine

Food Machine - Automatic Double-Line Won Ton Machine
Brand NameANKO
Model NumberHWT-400

Putting well-kneaded dough and filling into the hoppers, after switching on HWT-400, it will make dough pastry wrapper by pressing, pulling and cutting, fill filling, form and send the products to the conveyor automatically.The filling will be kept in good taste after stirring, and finished products have the tight clip process. Beside, weight of products is easy to adjust and products are like handmade.

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Electricity220/380/415V, 50/60Hz, 3Phase, 2.8kw
Net Weight700kgs
Capacity 3500-4200 pcs/hour
Weight of product 12-17 g/pc
Wrapper Size 95 x 95 mm


  • Stable operation, no need for frequent adjustment.
  • In moderate size, won't occupy large space.
  • Easy to assemble, easy to maintain.
  • For sanitary, all the parts contact with food are made of food standard stainless steel and plastic.
  • Uniform products and high capacity
    • Thickness of wrapper and weight of filling are adjustable.
    • Weight of product: 12-17 g/pc
    • Capacity: 3500-4200 pcs/hr

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Automatic Double-Line Won Ton Machine

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