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Cake Cutter & Portioning Machine

ANKO Excels in Winning Food Making Machine (CD-630)

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Automatic Cake Cutting and Portioning Machine

Cake Cutter & Portioning Machine

Food Machine - Cake Cutter & Portioning Machine
Brand NameANKO
Model NumberCD-630
Processing TypesFrozen Food

Dimension: 1010(W)x1050(D)x1400(H)mm
Electricity: 220V

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  • Suitable for various shape of cake, such as round, square, rectangular and bar shape.
  • LCD Touch Panel, including 20sets memories:
    • Round cake cutting: 10 sets
    • Square cake cutting: 10 sets
  • Maximum size of cake : 600mm x 600mm
  • Use double blade with high vibration cutting speed
  • It can cut the decoration fruits on the cake.

Dimension and Application

  • Machine Size: 1010(L)mmX1050(W)mmX1400(H)mm
  • Electricity: 220V, 50/60 Hz, Single Phase, 0.8kw
  • Capacity:
    • Round cake: for "8", "10" and "12"cake,100cakes per hour
    • Square cake: about 5 seconds per cutting

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Cake Cutter & Portioning Machine

Food Production

ANKO Food Machine for Cake

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