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Table Type Stir Fryer

ANKO Excels in Winning Food Making Machine (SF-1)

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Multiple Function Stir Fryer

Table Type Stir Fryer (SF-1)

Food Machine - Table Type Stir Fryer
Brand NameANKO
Model NumberSF-1

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  • Mutiple Usage
    • For frying, seasoning, mixing or baking rice, noodle, vermicelli, vegetable, sesame, peanut, meat, diced and shredded meat, coffee , pea, sugar coating, candy, biscuit, pistachio, herb etc.
  • Electronic control, stepless speed adjustment,rotates both clockwise and counterclockwise
  • Temperature is adjustable
  • Special internal capstan barrel, food like noodle or spaghetti will not be broken
  • The external casing is made of special grade of heat isolator which could keep heat inside to save 33 % of gas.
  • Easy loading and sischarging. With time setting, easy to operate.

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Table Type Stir Fryer

Food Production

ANKO Food Machine for Fry Rice
Fry Rice


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